Do you wish you could be able to discuss topics of importance in your group with respect, non-judgment and shared power?  Are there cultural shifts that need to occur for the group members to enter into healthy dynamics that can allow the group to accomplish intended goals? Do you want to form a group in which every member of the group is able to speak authentically and to trust the value of their own participation?

I facilitate group discussions and help members express the wisdom that emerges when a group of people communicate with courageous authenticity. 

I provide group facilitation either through professional development trainings or as discussions for groups like-hearted people who are willing to go deeper in their exploration of topics of interest. All group facilitation is designed according to the needs of the group.

When your group members feel safe to participate authentically, they are more likely to apply the following skills in their day-to-day interactions with their peers:

  • Co-create safety and trust

  • Listen with empathy and curiosity

  • Express themselves with authenticity

  • Deepen their connection with themselves and other members of the group

  • Maintain harmony

  • Make decisions more effectively

  • Achieve goals in alignment with the group’s values


Don’t know what would be most useful to your group?